Longterm Rent


Life in the Dominican Republic is inexpensive and the Climate to wich wintertime is unknown, is very healthy. The humidity refreshes you, ocean breeze, sun, sand and the amazing floral color combinations awaken all our senses.

As a long term tenant you´ll have many advantages: inexpensive rent and hotel services. Price reductions at the Bar and if you wish half-board. At reasonable prices



If you only want to spend Wintertime or if you are in your Retirement and want to live here in the Dominican Republic, we offer you Apartments and Rooms on a montlhy basis.



Price list Hotel Playa Laguna

Duration stay Type Price Options
Monthly Simple room 300 USD per month Including :
  • One room for
    maximum 2 persons
  • Cable television
  • Cleaning Service
Suplements :
  • Internet Wifi (without cable)
  • Laundry Service
    (for your personal things)
Monthly Apartment 450 USD per month
Daily Simple room 35 USD per day
Daily Double Room 40 USD per day
Daily Room + airconditioning 50 USD per day
Daily Apartment 50 USD per day